Back to School!  Every parent is familiar with the lists sent out by the schools of what their child needs to successfully participate and do their class work.  It is no different for children in Africa, yet the ability of parents to provide basic tools such as composition books, pens, pencils, erasers, etc. is often an added burden and so the children struggle along, improperly outfitted with things most people take for granted. 
  Heart n Hands has a long standing history of helping children with these things.  Indeed, the previous President in The Gambia, states that he owes the bulk of his education to Christian Missionaries! Hence, his mostly favorable disposition towards Christianity, in what is still listed as a "predominately Muslim" country. 
We will be shipping supplies to The Gambia, 3rd week of October (and possibly again beyond that,) so that these goodies will arrive just before Christmas. We have collected quite a bit thus far, but we still need some assistance to complete the task.
Here is a list of what is still  needed and pictures follow:
  • Composition Books (Mottled Blk & White covers only!) 100+ 
  • Pencil Sharpeners  (12 for a 1$ at Dollar Tree.) need 120 more
  • Ink Pens  (Black or Blue Ink only) 20 multi packs
  • Crayons (packs of 24 size)  30
  • Rulers (plastic or wooden)   30
  • Pencil Cases (the soft material kind not hard plastic) 85
  • Rogets Thesaurus (paperback found at Dollar Tree, or Dollar General)  20 

                            Thank You for investing in the future of these children!
     Thank You for the Donations!
 Back To School with Love from Heart n Hands & Gafyal